Bob ho

Agent Ho driving his girlfriend's children to school

Bob Ho is an International Chinese Spy in loan to the CIA. He was orphaned as a kid. He works for Glaze. He has a fellow employee named Colton James. He has a key to his work disguised as a pen. He lives next door to his girlfriend Gillian. He marries her in the end.

Family LifeEdit

Bob was an Orphan in China as a child. He told Farren that he grew up with brothers and sister who he never knew but always thought of them as brothers and sisters to him. When he grew up he got a career as a spy. He moves next door to Gillian and her family while working as a spy.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Bob has black hair and Glasses. When he is working as a spy he wears leather and has his glasses off. He is also seemingly very muscular and active as he fights the Terrorist with all sorts of appliances.


Cuurent LifeEdit

He is partnered with Colton James in the spy business. After dating Gillian for 3 months he decides to quit and get married and have a regular life. He is later given the kids as Gillian has to go to Denver, Colorado to take care of her father in the hospital. The kids who hated him then began "Deep Six"-ing him but he outsmarted them each time with his spy equipment. Later he tells the truth to the kids after a fight with Larry, a terrorist working for Anton Poldark and Farren's crush. Farren and Ian later join Bob to fight Poldark and Glaze from destroying America's oil reserves thus gathering a fight at Gillian's house. Soon enough they are eventually defeated and arrested. Soon after Bob and Gillian get married. With Bob becoming the step father to Farren, Ian and Nora.