Gillian and Bob on their wedding day.

Gillian is Bob's attractive neighbor and Girlfriend. She and Bob date for 3 months. She loves Bob and they love to kiss each other. She used to be married to Farren's father. She was married to other guys before meeting Bob and settling on him. At their Wedding Bob tells her his name is not Bob but Gillian says it is okay. Gillian accepts Bob and they kiss.


Gillian was once married to Farren's father before he left. She has an Aunt from San Antonio who was in the Military. Her father plays Senior Softball. She is presumably from Denver, Colorado as she says she is flying there to visit her father. She is the mother to Ian and Nora and the stepmother to Farren.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In addition, Gillian is sexy with a slim figure ,a dazzling smile and blonde hair.

Hobbies and skillsEdit

She likes to paint and is very good at it.

She likes to kiss Bob  in her free time and when she is with him.

Her Portraits are hung up over her house.